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Music, yoga and guided imagery


Yoga is a way to balance inner peace of mind and body and a powerful tool to increase our energy and the joy of living! 


Ira Shirel is a powerful guide to help children find their musical outlet and own unique talent and voice. By engaging in game and music play with Ira, each child gradually and spontaneously learns to cope with a variety of daily life situations.

"I believe that music and yoga are the most effective ways to influence balance in a child's mind, body and heart"

- Ira Shirel 

-Sessions are suitable for children with problems in speech development, autism, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, PDD, ADHD, ADD, and children with emotional problems.

-Sessions are held in the music studio (Bat Yam, Israel)

-Each session lasts 45-60 minutes and one-time meetings are available


Who is Ira Shirel?


Music and yoga therapist, graduate of the musical yoga therapy system of Dr. Noa Blass (Israel). Teacher of yoga and music to children, with more than 20 years experience. Bachelor's degree in Music from Tel Aviv University.


Creator of Liya's Yoga Tales- Musical meditation bedtime story and co-author of "Antelope in her imaginary world" (2019) and "Laya yoga for children and parents."

Buy book and CD 

*charity project (all proceeds will be donated to children in need)

Therapy System of Noah Blass

Using the powerful vibration of gongs, Tibetan bowls and other musical instruments, each child finds emotional balance and their self-esteem rises. There is no prior musical knowledge required. 

Along with musical play, children also connect to princes and princesses, wizards, images of animals, or the elements of nature: the sun, earth, water, and air. 

Detailed information about the Noah Blass system can be found on her official site of Noah Blass (Hebrew, English)



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