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Liya's Yoga Tales:


Children's musical meditations for good sleep

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*charity project*

Dear parents,

Isn't it wonderful when children fall asleep well and sleep throughout the whole night calmly?


"Antelope in her Imaginary world" is a unique audio bedtime story that helps children exactly with this!


With the help of this magical story book, your child will learn to let go of their fears and worries, fall asleep easily and see the most wonderful dreams!


These musical stories are unique because they are based on the ancient knowledge of Laya yoga, which teaches one to observe their inner world, and to listen and trust their hearts.


We invite you to join our charity project and buy the audio chapters and book of Liyas tales. All of the proceeds from the sales of the book and audio chapters will be donated exclusively to charities.


Parents and children, we wish you all a good night’s sleep!

Purchase the book and CD on our website or

donate so we can make a cartoon

*All of the proceeds of the project will be donated with love to children in need

Listen to free meditations here:

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