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Noa Blass and me - A connection of 20 years

In 1991, at the beginning of my studies at the Academy of Music in Israel, I met Noah Blass.


Dr. Noa Blass is a teacher, writer and composer of music who has been helping children with music for over 30 years.


She has developed 7 areas of music education, which are recognized in Israel, Europe and the Americas.


In the Academy of Music, she gave us lectures on the topic: "Ways of the figurative musical development of children." I became deeply fascinated by the personality of N. Blass, and her unique teaching method. I wanted that this method would also be my way of teaching children. Since then, for 17 years I have been inseparable from Noa Blass as her student.


With the help of the seven directions of music education developed by N. Blass and her teaching me on a personal level, I work with many children, including children with developmental problems and autism.

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