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Program "Animals and Music"

The goal of this program is to strengthen the child's connection to himself with the help of animals. Animals are connected to the elements water, earth, fire and air. Each animal has its own stereotype of behavior, and the child can learn to feel this animal within himself. Each time it can be a different animal that he learns to feel, from which he can take qualities to help him in his own life. 

There is an option of working with dolls and through play incorporate the animal's personality into his own. 

A Lion: in the song by Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns "Lion" gives the listener a feeling of strength, powerful energy, and confidence in his or her abilities. We work on a performance together and playing this role, the child has a subconscious memory of this performance. The Lion reminds each child that he is strong too, and he is also a King in his life. As a result, his confidence in life grows.


A bird: Symbolizes freedom and movement without boundaries. Birds are often very happy but they also have their rules of flying and resting. When a child enters the role of a bird, he releases himself of inner tensions that bother him. 

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