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Musical performances of yoga for kids in kindergartens and schools for special children

 The world of water- Performance 1

 We will enter a blue world and listen to the waves, and

imagine that we are shells lying in the deep sea. We create an orchestra of shells, meet an Octopus, and lot of sweet fish. We will stand on one leg like a flamingo, and will fly into the sky like a swan.


I will introduce the children to the musical instruments of the ocean drum, rain stick, and thunder drum.


-Poses of yoga we will learn

 shell, fish, dolphin, heron, frog, swan, waterfall, boat

 The world of Earth- Performance 2

We will enter a brown world and walk around the Earth to meet a turtle and a snake. We will go into a playground and slide down a hill, play ball, ride a big elephant and play mouse, cat and dog. We will observe a small sprout that will grow into a tall incredibly strong tree, and listen to the sounds of the leaves that fall from the tree in our


Instruments introduced: gong of earth, kalimba, and tibetan bowls 

 Poses of yoga we will learn- turtle, snake, cat, dog, mouse, tree, hill, flower, elephant ,ball  

World of Sun- Performance 3

We will go into a yellow orange world, and play with the

  rays of the sun and create a big sun from them.

 Then we will learn the Sun salutation while meeting a Lion and learning hot to RAWR. We will turn into warriors that aren't afraid of anything. In a meditation we will fly into butterflies into the sky...

Instruments we will learn to recognize: gong of sun, bells, and musical triangle

 Poses of yoga we will learn: Lion, butterfly, warrior, sun salutation, triangle

  The world of the Heart​- Performance 4

. We go into a pink world, and will observe our own feelings We will meet a small gnome that got lost in a magic forest .  He will teach us what is joy, fear, pride, and sadness. We will .ride cute horses and meet ladybugs and crickets. In the relaxation we will listen to the beat of our own heart.  

Musical instruments we will learn: tibetan bowls, bells and xylophone

Poses of yoga that we will learn: gnome, horse, ladybug, cricket, flower and bird

 The world of Colors- Performance 5


We will go into a world of colorful rainbows, and meet a turtle that is crawling on the brown ground and a frog that is jumping on the green grass. Then we will see fish swimming in blue waters and meet swans that are spreading their white wings. Then we will discover red butterflies that are flying around the yellow sun. Listening to the sounds of orange birds singing, and in the relaxation we will relax by looking at the stars in the black sky. 


Instruments: Kalimba, darbuka, xylophone

Poses- turtle, fish, bird, swan, moon and star  

 The jungle in Africa- Performance 6


We will enter the wild world of the African Safari and there we will meet a big grey elephant, a giraffe with a long neck, a rawring lion, a small cute monkey, a scary crocodile, a fast cheetah, and even a talking parrot

  Instruments- gong of the sun, darbuka, drums, and diggery do 

Poses- Elephant, giraffe, crocodile, monkey, lion, cheetah, and parrot

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